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Malik Helweh
Board Member

On behalf of all the partners, board members and the staff BCS Bahrain I would like to thank you for visiting our website and please get in touch with us should you have any query or question.

BCS is a product of a joint venture between Australian, Irish and Bahraini entities. The Company endeavours to offer every Bahraini national, resident or investor whether as an owner occupiers, tenant or a developer an unequalled strata and facility management services to enhance the value and the quality of their investments.

Investing in real estate is considered to be the single largest investment for many of us. The concept of property freehold is new to Bahrain.

In recent years, Bahrain, like the rest of GCC States had experiencing an unprecedented growth in this sector, this growth is caused by several social, political and economical reasons. The “multi level” and “gated” developments are causing the Authorities to rethink the methodologies planned to face several challenges, which if not managed well may cause significant social and economical upheavals.

The introduction of free-hold ownership has and will keep on attracting even more regional and international investors. These individuals will demand a more transparent, efficient, professional and regulated property ownership, property management, transfer of titles etc.

Governments around the world who entered this industry have faced similar problems; some have handled the task better than others. Australia has had the best track record in managing these problematic issues since the introduction of Strata Act in 1961. BCS Australia is by far the largest and most respected strata company in Australia.

Thanks again for visiting our website.

About BCS

The BCS team has proudly been providing professional services to strata bodies and developers for almost 40 years in Australia. We are proud to be the national market leader in the provision of professional strata and community title advice.

With 20 offices spanning the eastern seaboard, BCS offers diligent, professional strata advice across a diverse portfolio encompassing commercial, residential, mixed-use, resort and master planned communities. We assist executive committees in achieving smooth running of their schemes through our local knowledge and through industry understanding.

BCS Bahrain was created to deliver similar services to the Kingdom of Bahrain, and since its inception in 2007, BCS Bahrain has delivered unequalled services to its clients and now the company is considered to the industry leader. A position we cherish and thank all our clients for.


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