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BCS Bahrain endeavours to offer two essential these two services, strata and facility management, to its Bahraini property owners, investors, developers and tenants etc. these two activities, if properly managed will preserve and even enhance property values. This is an absolute must as property investment is by far the largest single investment most of us make in our live times.

Our business development teams aims to achieve this through:

  • Branding and positioning BCS
  • Developing and Maintaining customer relationship with Adherence to customer service charter
  • Seeking direction and guidance from GM or their nominee
  • Observing the lawful instructions of BCS and its agents
  • Assisting in the Marketing and Sales in the day to day running of the company
  • Assisting with promotional activities and events as required by the BCS
  • Liaise with potential clients
  • Preparation of submissions for all new strata schemes and established strata schemes
  • Attend and assist with site inspections as required
  • Assist with the preparation of and distribution of promotional material as required
  • Liaise with suppliers of promotional products as required