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Why appoint a BCS Strata Manager?

As a professional with legislative and administrative expertise, the BCS strata manager facilitates the efficient running of a body corporate and ensures that legislative requirements are adhered to and owners’ assets are maintained and protected. In short, it is the responsibility of the strata manager to effectively and professionally manage the body corporate on behalf of all owners, acting at all times on instructions from the body corporate committee and complying with strict by-laws.

What does a BCS strata manager do on a daily basis?

The tasks undertaken by a BCS manager during any one day are varied and range from:

  • preparing and distributing meeting notices, agendas and minutes
  • attending meetings
  • coordinating contractors to quote for and carry out maintenance works at the building
  • paying invoices for works carried out
  • keeping financial accounts
  • ensuring appropriate insurance is in place and up to date
Is the BCS strata manager responsible for the maintenance of the building?

Usually the strata manager does not undertake the general upkeep of the building. Instead, in the case of large buildings in particular, this is done by the property manager. The strata manager can however, seek quotes from building maintenance contractors such as plumbers, gardeners and painters on behalf of the committee for maintenance work to be carried out. The manager can also advise contractors when work is to start.

 What is a Strata Manager?
  1. Strata Manager is hired by the Owners Association.

  2. Strata Manager is the representative of the Owners Association.

  3. Reports to the Owner Association, manages and advises the Owners Council on the everyday running of the building/gated community as a whole.

  4. Strata Manager is responsible for the appointment of service providers to the Owners Association e.g. facility manager, insurance providers and all trades and services to the building as required.

  5. Strata Manager is responsible for the appointment of a quantative surveyor to prepare a sinking fund plan for future major asset replacement.

  6. Issues Strata Certificates for each property, this may be required by sellers, buyers, financiers, attorneys and Governmental departments. This certificate shows the current financial status of each apartment/dwelling within the gated community.

  7. Act as Secretary and Treasurer of the Executive Committee of the Owners Association and exercise and perform the powers and duties of those office bearers imposed by the OC Constitution.

  8. Arrange in the name of and as required by the Owners Association normal day to day maintenance, repair and replacement of the common property and personal property vested in the Owners Association.

  9. Arrange and attend the Annual General Meeting or one other meeting (either General or Executive Committee) during any yearly period.

  10. Act (on request by, or in the absence of, the Chairperson) as Chairperson of any meeting of the Owners Association or its Executive Committee.

  11. Ensure that all building, public and professional liabilities insurances are affected and promptly renewed in accordance with the Constitution.

  12. Keep any wage, income or other records required by law from time to time for any employees or contractors of the Owners Association and arrange for completion and submission of required returns.

  13. Disburse moneys in accordance with the constitution and the terms of the agreement.

  14. Maintain the records of the Owners Association required by law.

  15. Prepare as necessary budgets and reports and keep all records necessary to facilitate such preparation.

  16. Provide, so far as is reasonable, general advice and assistance to the Owners Association and the members of its Executive Committee.

  17. Have possession of and care for the records and documents of the Owners Association.

  18. Implement credit control procedures for contributions and advise regarding recovery.

  19. Have custody of the common seal and attest its affixation for the purpose of exercising or performing any of the function delegated by the Owners Association.

  20. Ensure that all residents (whether owners or tenants) adhere to the Owners Association by-laws. All tenants must sign these by-laws prior to living in the gated community.

What is a Facility Manager? 

  1. Is usually appointed by the Strata Manger.

  2. In charge of all repairs e.g. pluming, lifts, cooling towers, pools etc.

  3. Liaise with strata manger to prepare annual accounts.

  4. Seek advice on any major expenditure required through the Strata Manager as the representative of the Owners Association.

What is a Property Manager?  

  1. Usually is hired by an individual apartment/dwelling owner in the building to manage and maintain their investment property.

  2. Rent the apartment / dwelling to third parties.

  3. Collects rents and fee appraisals.

  4. Arrange to inspect the apartment/dwelling on behalf of the owners.

  5. Coordinate any repair or maintenance with the Strata Manager.

What is a Real Estate Agent / Broker?

  1. Preparation of sales contract for sale of property along with current copy of insurance certificate of the development supplied by the Strata Manager.

  2. Market properties on behalf of owners to affect sale of there villa or apartment.

  3. Coordinate with strata manger to insure levies are paid in full prior to marketing the properties.

  4. Arrange inspection of all books and records for any potential purchaser of the Owners Association records through the Strata Manager